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Dr. John W. Gravley

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Whether in Hong Kong, Yangon, Stockholm, or Kansas City, I enjoy working with people passionate about an important cause. I have merged non-profit boards in Hong Kong; Established and maintained multimillion dollar funding program; and created new mutually beneficial partnerships.

• International Experience - I lived in Hong Kong 12 years, running a local non-profit educational and social service agency. Public speaking and board meetings were conducted in Chinese (Cantonese). Over the past few years, I have made yearly trips to Myanmar (Burma) for educational exchange programs. Currently I am working to acquire a more advanced level of Spanish.

• Leadership and Management - I served as Managing Director of the local agency in Hong Kong. In that capacity I both managed the daily operations of the agency and led the local board. The most significant accomplishment in that position was to merge three separate boards into one new agency board. This involved a strategic review of our mission and a decision about how to proceed. I led the process of creating a new local non-profit agency. I also worked with a staff person to grow their capacity in leadership and moved her into the Executive Director position as I transitioned out of the management and moved to a board role.

• Fund Development - Developed and managed successful $6.2 Million campaign Fall 2015. the past eight years I have raised over $2 Million a year in annual fund gifts, completed a successful capital campaign raising $10 Million for an organization that had never had a single gift of more than $250,000. Have assisted with Planned Giving. Created new channels of fund development and managed a varied portfolio of donors.


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