Successful in a variety of contexts, I bring a unique perspective to consulting.  I have experience serving on and guiding a Board, leading a local social service agency in Hong Kong, and leading a successful fund development program for a graduate school.  I enjoy seeking creative solutions to new and different opportunities.


Delivering actionable consultation in any context is the goal.  Having worked and lived in a variety of contexts, I have learned to respect the context and also see where there might be more creative solutions to a wide range of needs.  Comfortable in a broad spectrum of contexts is a hallmark of my work.

Why Possibilities?

Do you see a finite number of solutions to your needs?  I do not!  The rapid change in our world today is a cause for alarm for some, but for others, it can be an exciting opportunity to discover some new possibility.  If the solutions are already available and just need to be implemented, Possibilities is not for you.  But if you cannot see a way forward or imagine a possibility then POSSIBILITIES are Unlimited!